Eindhoven Student Symposium

The Eindhoven Student Symposium offers companies and students the opportunity to get to know each other. This is done in an interactive way. We will organize this event for approximately 175 students. The symposium will take place on May 13, 2020 and consists of four parts.

The afternoon will start with two lectures, which will be given by speakers who can offer insight into the theme area of ​​the Symposium from different perspectives.

These lectures are followed by workshops by companies. In 2 rounds of 10 workshops approximately 15 students are kept interactively engaged.

The afternoon will be concluded with a networking drink where student and company can make contact together while enjoying a drink/snack.

The drinks are followed by the recruitment dinner, which is exclusively for advanced students. Students and recruiters will enjoy dinner together at the table. Tables are changed between courses in order to maximize the interface for both company and student.

Business Case

A Business Case is an afternoon/evening in which a company will work together with a small group of high-potential students on a case that is representative of the company’s activities. The content of the case can be set up by the company. This can be a fictitious case to test the students or a current business problem where new insights are needed. This is the perfect way for students to become acquainted with the company’s operations and for the company to see what relevant skills the students present have.

Lunch Lecture

Business Core Eindhoven gives a company the opportunity to present itself to a group of high potential students through a lecture. The lecture will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour for a group of 20-30 students. After the lecture there is the opportunity for student and company to get in touch with each other. Are you interested in these activities as a company or as a student? Contact us using the details below!