We are proud to introduce our new yearly occuring event: Perspective. Perspective will be hosted in the month Oktober. Perspective is a smaller event where we will mostly focus on students that are further withing their student carreer. Our goal at Perspective is to facilitate the communication and future relationship between students and companies. COVID-19, the ongoing pandemic, impacts our society and the industry. Every company has to deal with a crisis. For Perspective 2020 the theme was: ‘Managing a Crisis’. Every year the event will have a different theme with something that is relevant at that moment.

The programme of Perspective 2020 consisted of 5 parts: 

– Introduction of the theme ‘Managing a Crisis’ by a speaker.

– A business market in which 4 companies have a stand and are able to have an open discussion and conversation about the company’s practices, projects, ambitions and more.

– Workshops organized by the companies in which a challenging problem is presented which industries are currently facing. The interactive nature of the workshop will allow the students to present their skills, knowledge and presenting abilities and enable companies to receive new insightful thoughts. 

– A dinner is arranged during the business market for no additional cost.

– A relaxing and fun pubquiz where companies and students can have an informal discussion.

– And last but not least, a round of speed dating for which a smaller group of students will be selected.

So keeo your eye open for the announcement and further updates about Perspective 2021!