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Business Core Eindhoven is trying to bridge the gap between students and companies. Contact is stimulated by several activities, such as lunch lectures, business cases and a symposium. This allows students and enterprises to improve their relationship. Do you as a student want to increase your network and get in contact with interesting companies? Do you as a company want to get in contact with technically skilled students in Eindhoven? Then contact us or subscribe to one of our events.

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Eindhoven Student Symposium

The Eindhoven Student Symposium offers students and companies the opportunity to get to know each other in an interactive way. The Eindhoven Student Symposium 2022 took place on the 18th of May at the Evoluon in Eindhoven. Here 200+ students had the opportunity to get in touch with 15+ companies in an accessible way. The day was opened with a presentation by Patrick Steemers. On behalf of Deloitte he presented his predictions for new developments in the future. Later it was time for two interactive workshop rounds where students worked on a case given by the companies. After the networking drink, Willem Jan de Graaff gave a closing presentation on behalf of CGI. The day ended with the Partner Dinner, where some of the students could enjoy a dinner at the invitation of the companies.

Check out the aftermovie for an impression of the day. I would like to thank all participating companies and students on behalf of Business Core Eindhoven. Hopefully they look back on a successful day just like us.

Wob Knaap

Chairman Business Core Eindhoven

Lunch lecture

Throughout the year, Business Core Eindhoven gives an exiting company the opportunity to present itself to a group of high potential students by means of a lunch lecture. While enjoying free lunch, the lunch lectures will be held. The lectures take about 45-60 mins. After the lecture students and the company have the opportunity to get in contact with each other. More information about the lunch lectures can be found on their individual pages.

On the 17th of September Pacer will kick off the acedemic year by giving an interesting lunch lecture. Pacer is an engineering and consultancy firm focused on infrastructure, industry and energy. 

The second lunch lecture of this acedemic year will take place on the 20th of October and will be given by NS, the largest mobility company of the Netherlands. Their renewed focus on sustainability, safety and technolgy is creating an exiting future for NS. 

More information on both of these lunch lectures can be find on our site. You can also register for these lectures on their page!

Business Case

A Business Case is an afternoon/evening in which a company and a group of high potential students will be working on a case toghether. This case is representive of what the companies activities are and its content is decided on by the company. The cases can be fictional to test the students, or it can be a problem the company currently faces for which they need new insights. This is the perfect way for students to get acquainted with the activities of the company. Besides that, the company can find out what kind of relevant skills the students have.