Business Core Eindhoven organizes various events throughout the year with companies from various business fields to introduce students to these companies. This time Count & Cooper provides a Business Case. The day starts at 19:00 with a Case and will be concluded with a drink. Below, Count & Cooper briefly explains what they do!

If you do what you did, you get what you got

The construction world has known and has been saying for more than twenty years that it must change radically. Our society is placing increasing demands on infrastructure and building plans. As a result, the old, trusted way of working is simply not good enough anymore. Point. But strangely enough, in practice, to be honest, very little changes. And that’s not because parties don’t want to change, it’s because they don’t actually know how. In other words; the construction world needs an impulse from outside. A company that thinks from other conventions and uses new technologies. A company that does not pose a threat, but is a strong asset. That company is Count & Cooper.

 The largest taxi company in the world does not have its own cars. And the largest hotel chain in the world does not have its own rooms. These are next-gen companies that simply bring parties together and use technology to do so as efficiently, reliably and profitably as possible. Game changers. And that is exactly how we make an impact; we are the builder who does not build.

 Are you interested in actively working on a Business Case from practice and getting in touch with Count & Cooper? Then register using the contact form below.

Attention! The Business Case will be held in Dutch!

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