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Business Core Eindhoven is trying to bridge the gap between students and companies. Contact is stimulated by several activities, such as lunch lectures, business cases and a symposium. This allows students and enterprises to improve their relationship. Do you as a student want to increase your network and get in contact with interesting companies? Do you as a company want to get in contact with technically skilled students in Eindhoven? Then contact us or subscribe to one of our events.

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Eindhoven Student Symposium

The Eindhoven Student Symposium is an event where students and enterprises can get in contact in an interactive way. This year, the event will be organised for approximately 175 students on the 13th of May 2020, and will consist of 4 different parts:

  • The day will start with two lectures which will give different perspectives and insights for the theme of the Symposium.
  • After the lectures, several companies will give workshops. There will be 2 rounds of 10 workshops in which approximately 15 students will be doing interactive activities with the company.
  • The afternoon will end with a networking drink where students can get in contact with the companies while enjoying a drink/snack.
  • In the evening, there will be a recruitment dinner which is exclusively for advanced students. Recruiters and students will enjoy a dinner together and after every course students and recruiters will switch tables to stimulate contact between different people.

Unfortunately, the Eindhoven Student Symposium on the 13th of May is cancelled by the consequences of the Coronavirus .

Lunch lecture

Business Core Eindhoven gives a company the opportunity to present itself to a group of high potential students by means of a lunch lecture. The lunch lecture will be 45 minutes to an hour and will be for a group of 20 – 30 students. After the lecture students and the company have the opportunity to get in contact with each other.

Business Case

A Business Case is an afternoon/evening in which a company and a group of high potential students will be working on a case toghether. This case is representive of what the companies activities are and its content is decided on by the company. The cases can be fictional to test the students, or it can be a problem the company currently faces for which they need new insights. This is the perfect way for students to get acquainted with the activities of the company. Besides that, the company can find out what kind of relevant skills the students have.

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